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What Is PFIC Canada?

The original concept of a Canadian Pole Fitness Organization was created in 2005, as it was observed the newly born pole dancing industry to be experiencing sudden growth, and an increased demand meaning that standards in teaching and resources were not always maintained at a neither safe nor ideal level. There also seemed to be a disconnection between instructors nationally and thus a lack of communication in the Canadian Pole Dance for Fitness industry, that has continued throughout the years. PFIC Canada is a consolidated effort put forth by pole fitness professionals across Canada to remove the disconnection, and create a unity that will band the industry together, by providing quality education, certifications and events across the nation.  PFIC Canada is not a policing commission that enforces standards, we are a certifying body that provides a solid foundation of basic instruction in Pole dance for Fitness and Aerial Yoga Fitness.
PFIC Canada Goal: To enhance the experiences of all Canadian pole and aerial fitness participants through quality courses, safe instruction, national events and continuing formal education, provided to the public in an affordable, readily accessible manner. PFIC Canada strives to provide the industry with democratic options to enhance and develop a stronger foundation of community.

Why PFIC Canada?.

The PFIC is a commission, comprised of individual pole studio owners who have a stake in this industry...and work for its success as a unified group. It has been created to design standards for the betterment of pole dance for fitness participants in Canada, by including those participants in the workings of the commission! The PFIC is committed to growing the Canadian pole industry for all to benefit from – students, teachers, studios, and supporting businesses alike, by providing a minimum standard of information and safety guidelines and quality goods, services and events currently offered to the industry.

How much are Memberships?.

PFIC Canada believes in community and industry involvement. PFIC Canada offers membership nationwide. PFIC Memberships are FREE. Members will receive certain privileges as well as special offers and access to a greater level of information. Members will form a tight network of interested pole dance instructors, industry product retailers and manufacturers. They will represent the greater market base for providers of pole dance instruction and resources. Memberships will be provided within Canada by PFIC Canada as a whole, offered through its website. Memberships include entry in website database, access to additional courses, merchandise, workshops, education forums, newsletters and events. Membership does not automatically grant qualification for inclusion on listings of certified instructors or studios.

Who sets the Standards?.

The PFIC Canada standards are discussed and set by a national board comprised of pole fitness leaders from across Canada. With contributions from the medical, fitness, and pole industry, together they agree on what is acceptable quality and minimum standard in the industry. The PFIC Canada website will contain information in these standards, as well as links to affiliated provincial leaders, schools, teachers, course dates, national events and supporting product and service companies. Thus, everyone will have instant access to the most up to date information in the Canadian industry of Pole Dance for Fitness.

What Is the Board Responsible For?.

The Board of the PFIC Canada is responsible for creating the guidelines for quality of standards in the Pole Dance for Fitness industry. Each member of the Board of PFIC Canada is also the ultimate representative for their province and will be involved in all provincial mediation, industry developments, events and website update notification. The Board of PFIC Canada is also responsible to associate and communicate will local fitness units, providing information regarding our industry, as well as create a bond with provincial pole studios, owners and instructors in their respective province. Provincial Board members are available, via email, to all pole dance for fitness individuals for requests, or information, although final decisions are voted on by entire board.

How do I find a PFIC course in my area?

You'll find all currently scheduled PFIC courses in our Courses & Workshop section. Just click on "What PFIC Offers”. PFIC Canada currently offers basic certification in both Pole Fitness and Aerial Yoga Fitness.  If you don't find any PFIC courses scheduled in your area, please keep checking as we update our website constantly, or contact us to inquire.

My facility wants to host a PFIC course, how do I do this?

A If you know of a facility that might be interested in hosting a PFIC-1 or AYF-1 course, ask the potential host to visit the "Contact Us" page, and send us an e-mail. A board member will respond to their request within 24 hours.

Is there a demand for Certified Pole Dance For Fitness Instructors?

Yes! Not only is there a demand, there is a need. The simple fact that media and mainstream views on Pole Dance for Fitness drives demand, and has allowed for multiple uneducated persons to instruct a form of fitness. PFIC Canada Instructors create a demand in their area simply because there were not many certified Instructors available. So when the word spreads about basic safety and guideline standards, these instructors were suddenly in high demand.

How do I become a Pole Dance for Fitness or Aerial Yoga Fitness Instructor in Canada?

A fitness leader’s first step in becoming a Pole Dance for Fitness Instructor is to become First Aid/CPR certified and then attend one of the PFIC-1 or AYF-1 Courses. To view the dates and locations of upcoming PFIC Courses, visit our “What PFIC Offers” page. There are prerequisites to become a Pole Dance for Fitness or Aerial Yoga Fitness Instructor. First Aid, CPR, Certification in or ongoing acquirement of respective provincial fitness leadership program are needed before entering the any of the PFIC programs. You must be 18 years or older to attend a Pole Dance for Fitness Instructor Course. The Pole Dance for Fitness Instructor Certification Basic 1 and the Aerial Yoga Fitness Basic 1 program is considered a specialty class, just as Spinning® or Tae Bo® are specialty areas. Ask your local fitness facility what requirements they may have in order for you to teach at their facility. You can always obtain a PFIC certificate first then obtain a general fitness certification. Some facilities may allow you to start teaching a Pole Dance for Fitness class as long as you are a licensed PFIC Canada Instructor and have evidence of a general fitness certification in the works. Please consult your local facility for their requirements. A degree in medicine, kinesiology, or Biomechanics is accepted as a pre-qualification. A few highly recognized certifications are CanFitPro, BCRPA, AFLCA, MFC, YMCA, OFC, CFEC. For details, search your local Provincial Fitness Unit, CanFitPro, or your local YMCA website.

How long is PFIC certification valid for?

PFIC Certifications are valid for 2 years. You can verify certification by visiting and verify instructors name and certification in the QIL section.

Can you be stripped of your PFIC certification, or have it revoked?

Yes, Instructors operating without following the minimum standards guidelines…such as operating without a municipal business license, valid insurance, and government supplied business number, failure to follow the instructor code of ethics, or provided due diligence in ensuring negligence is not present, can and will have their certification revoked. This decision is based on a national board vote to ensure no personal issues are involved, and will not occur without unanimous decision. This method ensures that all certified individuals are following the minimum standard set forth by PFIC Canada.

What are Education Credits (EC’s)?

Education Credits are earned for taking continuing education programs with PFIC Canada. Each Course and Master Workshop attendant will receive Education Credits. PFIC Course = 3 EC. PFIC Recert = 1 EC. PFIC Master Workshop = 1 EC. Each Education Credit has a monetary value of $5.00. EC’s can be used to reduce fees of additional continuing education via PFIC Canada, and a minimum number is required for recertification.

Why are there different prices for prior certification?

PFIC Canada believes in prior education. If you hold a certification form of fitness, yoga, gymnastics, or a degree in medicine, kinesiology or biomechanics, PFIC Canada reduces the fees as a means of endorsing education. PFIC Canada credits those who have invested the time in to education related to the betterment of our industry.

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